Changing My Narrative


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September 4, 2019

Motivating and Encouraging Excellence

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 12 True Success RULES to live by.


1. Never make an excuse a reason to fail .


2. Never just believe in your dream, claim what you believe.


3. Never make money a reason to not invest in your ability to create.


4. Never associate with doubters.


5. Never quit getting to know your authentic self.


6. Never stop learning


7. Never stop creating.


8. Never be afraid to redirect your thinking


9. Never allow ego to destroy your purpose.


10. Never sacrifice who you were meant to be, for accepting what wasn’t meant  for you.


11. Never say never


12. Never ask anyone to do more for you then you are willing to do for yourself. 

Mike Alan

Focus on one thing

choose the best for the  best future

Stop making excuses

Don't give up!

 Don't just believe, Claim What You Believe!

When you fall get back up

Only Give Your Best

To change the narrative of how you are viewed, you must first begin to treat and see yourself for who and what you really are.                    Brilliant!

“People are more capable of making better decisions when better informed.”

"Let Your best Decision become Your Best Choice"

© 2019 The Real Mike Alan.