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 “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” - Sun Tzu.

Our mission if you should decide to except it, is to provide a platform for young men to bond together through sharing. Our African ancestors’ men and women young and old practiced Universal Laws of giving and receiving.


The world pandemic and the death of George Floyd has awakened millions to the importance of investing in each other . Our ancestors’ life and death and the death of George Floyd must not just be remembered but must generate significant change and gains  by African Americans that creates real growth and prosperity for African society within 21st century America. Economic education and unity we must have in order to fight an institution formed and rooted in racism, if we are going to change our narrative moving forward. We must discipline ourselves not to react in rage but rather respond strategically and economically.


We have entered a new age of  how to generate prosperity, do you have a plan? “Changing my Narrative” Man Power (United in prosperity and self-development) have taken today’s technology and created a simple, legal way for like-minded men and women to work together, to practice the Universal Laws of giving and receiving, and to offer an activity where everyone can be happy and successful. This is a fun and practical way to share where everyone can build prosperity and find purpose and self-development in the mist of chaos.

Mission Statement

Empowering young men, families and communities to connect to each other through economic education, relationship building and self-development.

Vision statement

To create personal and community prosperity, while leaving a legacy for future generations.