Changing my Narrative 

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What is changing my narrative?


Changing my narrative is a community of men and women young and old declaring enough is enough of the negative depiction of our young black men. It is also about Y.B.M. assuming responsibility and accountability for establishing a future narrative of how they want to be viewed. Y.B.M. illustrate self-respect, love for their brother and sister and a willingness to change in order to create and embrace a new self image.


There are no words more persuasive, what comes after them creates your reality



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Changing the Perception by Changing My Narrative       

About the Book

Radio Personality Mike Alan achieved a level of success in the radio industry only to lose it due to immature decisions. He didn’t lose his job or titles, but lost his purpose. What he gained from his failure was the realization that young black men also struggle with purpose.


“True Success Transforming Our Young Men into Real Men” brings to focus the struggles of young black men in America are not just due to racism, but their own self-destructive choices and decisions. Mike’s candid insights exemplifies that the future success for young black men must begin from within.


He teaches young men how to apply critical thinking skills. His strategy and approach will train them to make healthier choices and decisions. His openness in sharing his own wrong choices and decisions and the lessons learned, will hopefully help all young men of all races to identify themselves and pursue their purpose in life.

About the Author

Mike Alan Johnson radio personality, voice over, business owner, entrepreneur, father and now author. He is a ball of energy that is constantly creating through the entrepreneur mind.  He lives in Detroit Michigan and loves all things Religion and Science, stuff that challenge him to better know his authentic self.


 He prides himself on having the ability to motivate and encourage others to use their gifts, talents and abilities to achieve more. His future endeavors is to return back to radio, create a YouTube channel and travel the country motivating young men and women to seek and achieve their purpose.  He love’s connecting with entrepreneurs and those who dare to Aspire higher.  So, be sure to reach out.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, this book is also for you to read, sign and pass on to a young black man for future generations

The Back story

An Unending InJustice

The last recorded lynching in America happened in 1981 with a man named Michael Donald. Some Klan members were looking for revenge because a Black man was not convicted for killing a White man. So they found 17 year old Michael Donald and hung him from a tree.

Fredrick Jermaine carter 1/7/1984 12/2/2010 Alleged suicide

In 1944 George Junius Stinney Jr. At 14 years of age, this black child became the youngest person to be legally executed by an American state since the 1800s.